Friday, 25 April 2014

Who's Happy Now?

It's been awhile since my last blog. Time to write something. I finally retired January 2012 from bus driving. Worked until I reached 66 years old. I was a bit scared of retiring thinking that "how can I retire on less than half my salary." It's amazing how much a person spends when working. Travelling back and forth to work, clothes, snacks, eating out more because the cash is available, more maintenance on the car, etc, etc. I guess that old adage is true, "one ups his spending to the level of his income."

I worried too, about what I would do with my idle time.  I have discovered that sleeping in when I feel like it is great, I have had time to write a book, I love to read, I love to cook more than I thought I would, I have time to have coffee with friends, I have time to sit and watch the world go by if I want to, it's all great. I have done a little oil painting, carved up a bit of cedar, and spent some time writing poetry. A lot more fun than working! lol

I am surprised to realize how caught up with the so-called "rat race" I was. I never really understood what that was until I wasn't in it any more. The hurry up and go nowhere of traffic congestion. The madcap race on the free-ways - keep up or die. The urgency of getting somewhere on time. It all wears on a person and certainly becomes difficult to let go of even after a 3 week vacation in the wilderness.  No, I don't miss it!

My life has grown so much simpler in the past 2 years. No real stresses to speak of, at least nowhere near what used to be. Could use a few more dollars but money isn't everything. By the look of me, I'm certainly not starving to death.

I have to admit that I feel proud to have survived 16 years of performing the job with very few complaints from my passengers and zero physical assaults. I must have been doing something right. I learned over the years to appreciate the job for what it gave me; a decent living wage, benefits, independent working conditions, a chance to overcome my fear of difficult and intimidating people and to learn how to deal with them without packing a gun. What an education it was.

Retirement is the best thing that happened to me. Come on down, the water is warm and not over your head.


  1. It's good to see that you've picked up the blogging stick again. Are you ready for the challenge of finding ideas without the driving?


    1. Yup, lots of ideas, Jim. Maybe too many! (joke) I am particularly enjoying writing and editing. I had the pleasure recently of observing a chapter of my story being read to a grade 2 class. I was very pleased with the end result. Hopefully this is a sign of good things to come.
      I am going to be up in Oliver in June for a 50th class reunion. Will be staying with Roger so hopefully we'll be seeing each other.
      Part way through the "Green Comet." Enjoying it so far.